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Aardman and Kite Partner for Science Fiction

Aardman and Kite Partner for Science Fiction

Aardman Rights and Kite Entertainment have recently joined forces in order to distribute the hit series Science Fiction to the international market. Science Fiction is a mixed-media animated series that uses Science as a theme and targets kids age 8 to 12. The show is currently proving its mettle on Ireland’s RTE network, and has recently launched on CBBC. The exclusive deal between Aardman and Kite includes worldwide TV, DVD, and publishing rights for the 33 x 90 series.

Science Fiction is a unique hybrid of green screen puppetry, 2D and 3D animation. The show is hosted by Dr. Sorcha Knowles, who is an ambitious young scientist, and her less refined bumbling professor sidekick Mike McCork. Sorcha and Mike spend each episode sharing interesting facts from the world of science, in a fun, enjoyable, and hilarious manner.

Alix Wiseman, Head of Sales and Acquisitions for Aardman Rights, says: “We love how well Kite Entertainment has married up their expertise in comedy writing with relevant and off the wall scientific facts and we believe there’s a real gap in the market for this kind of programming for older kids.”

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