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Aardman and NatWest Bank Launch New App, Pigby’s Fair

Aardman Animations was recently commissioned by the UK’s NatWest Bank in order to design a new app called Pigby’s Fair, which aims to encourage children to save. The app is available now for both Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the App Store.

Pigby’s Fair is free to play, and will feature NatWest’s new animated savings characters, Pigby and friends, all of whom will help teach children all they need to know about saving money. The lessons will be imparted via a fun and exciting game that puts the kids in the shoes of a boy or girl pig character running a stall in an animated fairground. Pigby’s friends hold other stalls so players can check how much his friends have saved and what they’re saving for to inspire and spur them along.

“Our core audience is children, so creating the Pigby’s Fair app was the perfect project for us,” says Heather Wright, executive producer at Aardman Animations. “We wanted to use a concept that children would enjoy and we felt a game based in a fairground was an ideal platform to educate young ones.”


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