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Adam Sandler to Develop Bad Toys II

Adam Sandler to Develop Bad Toys II

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison production company will be working on a full length feature version of the hybrid animated-live-action short Bad Toys II. The project will include original directors Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste as co-exec producers.

The original short combines live-action, CG-animation and comic book panels to come up with a fresh new style, and focuses on a destructive car chase in which the key players are all toys on a living room floor. The camera work, sound effects, and editing all bring to mind blockbuster action movies similar to the ones that Michael Bay makes.The title is a pun on the Will Smith movie franchise.

Sandler’s version of Bad Toys II tells the story of a grown man who manages to reconnect with his boyhood imagination after getting a chance to play with his son’s toys, with his imagination bringing to life an action-packed movie with high speed chase scenes.

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