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Adult Swim Adds New Levels to Rick and Morty Rickstaverse

Adult Swim has just released a new bunch of levels for the first ever videogame built on Instagram, Rick and Morty Rickstaverse, which is based on the cult favorite animated sci-fi comedy series. The new levels are collectively called “Interdimensional Cable Adventures,” and will be based on the same titled episodes of the TV series. There is a total of 20 new levels, and will feature notable settings such as the Plumbus Factory, and a new collectible: the Gazorpazorpfield Comics.

For the uninitiated, Rick and Morty Rickstaverse was originally launched in 2015 as a way of promoting the show’s second season, with help from Carrot Creative. The game consists of over 120 instagram accounts and more than 1,800 individual squares that players have to scan through in order to find hidden photo tags that can take them to different levels. You can access the game through the @RickandMortyRickstaverse account.


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