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Adult Swim Makes its Way to Australia

Adult Swim Makes its Way to Australia

Not to be outdone by Toonami, Cartoonito, or Boomerang, Turner Broadcasting has recently brought Adult Swim to the Asia Pacific as the brand is officially launched as an online, on-demand video platform. The new online VOD platform will be accesible through and will feature existing [adult swim] programs such as Harvey Birdman, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros, and Aqua Team Hunger Force.

Aside from their existing catalogue, the new Australian online service will also look into developing local content, with the Australian duo Superwog leading the way as one of the first teams developing a new series for the platform.

Turner Broadcasting Asia Pacific is running the australian Adult Swim VOD in partnership with MCM Media and Movideo. The service will be available for mobile devices using iOS, Android and Windows 8 PC and phone.

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