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Aerover, the world’s first drone animated series, sets to take off

Drones are everywhere. They’re in the sky … uh, they’re in the sky. Now they’re coming to a screen near you in a work of fiction. South Korean animation studio Pictionary Art Factory is preparing to launch the world’s first drone animated series. Aerover: Return of the Space Drones is set to launch in its native land sometime this October on MBC. There will initially consist of 52 eleven-minute episodes produced as a mix of 2D and 3D animation at Ultra High Definition resolution.

Here’s a story synposis:

AEROVER, RETURN OF THE SPACE DRONES” is the story of Shawn, an average boy from the countryside that transfers to a new school with a drone club. Shawn has a dream of becoming a great drone pilot champion like his father once was, and this story will take you on his journey of fulfilling that dream and much more.

It shows the importance of friendship, fairness, and how hard work with good honest intentions will pay off in the end.

“The Invention of Space Drones with an Unlimited Energy Source”
In a near future, a huge meteor comes flying from space and crashes into the Earth. Scientist investigated this meteor and came to the conclusion of it being a new type of space metal that doesn’t exist on Earth. They discover the secret of this space metal. It can be made into an unlimited energy source. With good news came bad news. Military Corporations got word of this ulimited energy source and used it for military weapons. This energy source was especially useful when fused together with drones, making a new range of drones called Space Drones.

“Space Drones, Weapons to a Symbol of Peace!”
Space Drones played an active part in the war, causing the war to be more fierce and prolonged. The world leaders felt this long war was endangering the very existence of all humans and put their interests aside. It brought the world to the end of an era of war and a new era of peace. All the drones were commanded back home, but upon crossing into the Bermuda triangle the drones lost all control and vanished. With the mystery of the drones’ disappearances, the world leaders that ended the war made the Dronlympics, forbidding drones from ever being used against humanity and marking it as a the symbol for world peace.

“The Dark Shadow Reaching for the Space Drones”
The international energy company, Titan Corporation’s president, Kurgan has evil plans to collect all the Space Drone’s energy sources to take over the whole world’s energy industry and in the end even take over the world. Kurgan sends his private agents all over the world to look for these Space Drones. He disguises his evel plans of using the Dronlympics as a means of surfacing the Space Drones by actively sponsoring the Dronlympics.

“Shawn, the Mountain Boy, and a Space Drone Meet!”
With Kurgan’s secret plan underway, a simple mountain boy named Shawn, who dreams of becoming the best drone pilot ever, accidentally comes upon a Space Drone called Sky Hawk. And this is how our story, “Aerover, Return of the Space Drones” begins!

Pictionary partnered with Wacky Company to create a VR experience based on the series. Of course, there’s also a drone toyline from Academy Plastic Model that’ll help kids recreate the experience in real life.

We don’t know when Aerover: Return of the Space Drones will hit western markets (we’ve heard Spin Master might be interested), but we do know that Pictionary Art Factory deliberately made a multi-ethnic cast to help appeal to partners around the globe.

Are you a fan of trends turned TV shows? Are you thinking “who will have the guts to make a fidget spinner animated series?” Leave a comment down below!

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