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Al Jazeera Gets SLASH://

Al Jazeera Gets SLASH://

Gruppo Alcuni, the Italian animation shop behind toons such as Pet Pals, Symo, and Rose and Leonardo, has inked a deal that will give its action adventure toon Slash:// a new home on Al Jazeera’s Children’s Channel. The 26×2 cartoon also managed to get a home on RTP, Canal Panda, Klub 100, and NOGA.

Targeted towards children aged 7 to 12, SLASH:// tells the story of five adventurous young kids hailing from different parts of the globe, who possess the power to instantly travel through the Internet using a magical stone. They constantly find themselves at odds with the evil Cobra, who is intent on stealing and destroying some of the most important works of art on the planet. The cartoon aims to foster children’s appreciation for art, music, technology, and nature. The show will also expose kids to various locations and cultures, with episodes set in different countries such as Florence, Paris, London, Los Angelos, Barcelona, and Lisbon.

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