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Alpha Group revs up new Screechers Wild on YouTube

A few months back we wrote about Screechers Wild, a cool new web-series from Alpha Group and Atomic Cartoons. Last month, Alpha launched a new YouTube series under the name.

Are you ready for an adventure in the world of Screechers Wild? Xander and his brother Ringo are Screecher Racers living and battling in the futuristic Zephyr City. They’ll have to team up with their morphing car partners as they work to stop the snobby Ronan and his cronies from acquiring energy coins to take over the world!

The new Screechers Wild is an English dubbed version of the original Chinese animated series that inspired the original western launch, Opti-Morphs. While that series was previously dubbed into English for international audiences, this new version was dubbed in Los Angeles by Todd Resnick and The Voice Company. The series launched on March 14, 2016, on China’s Jiajia Cartoon channel and ran for 40 episodes before starting a 26 episode second season on March 3, 2017. The franchise itself is a spin-off of Alpha’s 2010-2011 Mechnimal line.

Alpha Group has ambitious plans for the brand and that includes television runs for the series in select markets. Screechers Wild is set to debut on Boing in Spain on August 20th. If you’re not in Spain (or the UK and Australia, where the videos are region locked), you can check out episodes as they’re regularly uploaded onto YouTube. This includes a live stream of all the episodes release to date.

It’s not immediatedly clear what the fate of the original Screechers Wild web-series will be. Alpha Group had planned to launch 60 two-minute shorts, but only 20 have seen the light of day so far. A full-fledged television series was in development with Man of Action.

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