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Amazon Acquires Exclusive Rights to Fireman Sam

HIT Entertainment has recently announced that Amazon has just acquired the exclusive U.S. rights to their popular preschool franchise Fireman Sam. The deal will cover TV episodes, eBooks, and retail products. Episodes of Fireman Sam will be offered for download or streaming via Amazon’s Instant Video, Prime Instant Video, and FreeTime Unlimited. The site will also feature a FireMan Sam content hub starting on June 3. The consumer product line will be introduced to the US later in the year.

“With the ever evolving experience that families have with digital media, our consumers expect more and our business demands it,” said Sid Mathur, VP HIT Entertainment, The Americas. “Working with Amazon, we have the perfect platform to create a new experience that gives fans one place to experience the franchise. This new agreement takes Fireman Sam fans through the entire consumer journey from first engaging with the brand through content on their Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire TV to fulfilling the demand for a deeper brand experience via books, toys and more.”


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