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Amazon Acquires Imira’s Lola & Virginia for their On-Demand Service

Retail giant Amazon has recently struck a deal with Spanish kids’ entertainment outfit Imira Entertainment for the on-demand content rights to the original series Lola & Virginia (52 x 11), under which the series will be making its way to Amazon Instant and Amazon Prime in the North American region. The deal was brokered by the series’ U.S. distributor Viva Pictures Distribution LLC.

Lola & Virginia focuses on the 12 year old Lola, who has to take care of her siblings while putting up with her crazy group of friends. Lola fancies herself as the local princess, at least until Virginia barges into her life. Virginia is the perfect foil, as she’s the kind of stuck-up kid who has it all: beauty, all the boyfriends she could ever want, good grades, and extremely wealthy parents who spoil her to no end. Soon, Lola & Virginia build an on-again-off again relationship as friends who would turn on each other if the situation requires – or permits – it.


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