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Amazon Adds Animated Shows to Its Online Programming

Amazon Adds Animated Shows to Its Online Programming

Amazon is really making their mark on the industry these days. Not content with being a retail giant and being a pillar in the cloud technology industry, Amazon has also started venturing into a sector that was previously dominated by TV broadcasters, as it added 14 TV pilots to their online slate last Friday, April 19.

“We’re looking for distinctive shows that people get really attached to and love,” Amazon Studios director Roy Price told the Los Angeles Times. “In the digital, on-demand world, you really have to have that passionate fan base, because there are no hammock shows, there’s no 8:30 show, [to bring viewers]. It’s important to reach out to customers on a large scale and see what they’re interested in.”

Price stated that the popularity of FX’s animated sitcom Archer and Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken is an indication that there is a great demand for satires and comedies aimed towards older viewers, while preschool shows like Dora the Explorer still show potential for growth.

“You end up with a few areas you can look for ideas that seem to be compatible with those concepts,” Price said. ”If you’re betting on one show, it’s got to be right down the middle of the fairway,” Price said. “But if you’ve got 14 you can allow people to try new things.”

“We have a lot of customers coming every day who love movies and TV in particular,” Price said. “Obviously, they like to share their thoughts and opinions on shows, so it just seemed natural for us to go to them with the best TV ideas we can find.”

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