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Amazon Developing Emily the Strange Cartoon

According to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Eger’s Emily the Strange brand will have an animated adaptation via Amazon Studios, making it the first feature animation project of the retail/multimedia giant. The deal is being negotiated with Dark Horse Entertainment, which previously tried to ink a similar deal with Fox Animation and Illumination Entertainment.

It is said that the Amazon Studios project is much closer in line to the authenticity and “edge” of the property, compared to Illumination’s plans, owing to the fact that it will be fully animated (this implies that Illumination’s adaptation was to be live action or a live-action/animation hybrid.)

For the uninitiated, Emily the Strange first started on skateboard graphics in Santa Cruz in the early 90s, and became so popular that she was adapted for use on all manner of merchandise, even warranting her own branded boutiques. A comic book adaptation was also published by Dark Horse Entertainment in 2005.

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