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Amazon Joins the Animation Industry

Amazon Joins the Toon Industry

Online retail juggernaut Amazon has decided to try its luck in the animation industry, with the announcement that their new content development division, Amazon Studios, is now accepting proposals for original animated shows for distribution via its digital video streaming service, called Amazon Instant Video.

According to the terms, if Amazon accepts and decides to distribute a full-budget series, the project creator will be entitled to a $55,000 USD upfront payment, and up to 5% of Amazon’s net receipts from toy and t-shirt licensing, as well as other royalties and bonuses.

Animators, writers, and filmmakers all over the world can submit proposals through The current plan is for the studio to option only one project per month as an addition to their development slate for audience testing.

“We’ve been working with movie projects from about a year and we received over 700 test movies and 7000 scripts,” Roy Price, Amazon Studios director told Animation Magazine. “Many of the content creators were interested in developing animated series and shows targeting young viewers. We think this new venture will offer new opportunities for writers, animators and directors. We turn our movie projects into animatics and board them during our development process, so this was a natural direction for us.”

For more details, you can visit the official page at

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