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Angelo Skate Away Launches on Mobile

French CG outfit TeamTO has recently announced the launch of their second mobile game inspired by the hit CG series Angelo Rules. The new mobile game is titled Angelo Skate Away and is set to ride the momentum built by the first Angelo Rules game, A Busy Day, which has already garnered over 2.5 million downloads since its July 2015 launch.

Angelo Skate Away is a 3D skateboarding game that puts players in the shoes of the series protagonist, as he maneuvers through each level’s obstacles while collecting cupcakes. Said cupcakes can be used to unlock additional characters, board upgrades, new routes, and 50 new levels.

The Angelo Skate Away App is designed to take on the same polished CG look exhibited by the CG series, and will include locations from the show, such as the schoolyard, adventure land, classrooms, all outfitted with rails, ramps, and other things that help make for an action-packed skating game. The app can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

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