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Angry Birds Movie Sequel in the Works

Rovio Entertainment has announced plans for a sequel to The Angry Birds Movie. Though no details for the movie were given away in the statement by Kati Levoranta (Chief Executive) but the Finnish entertainment company revealed that it earned a profit for the first half of 2016 outside the hit app-spinoff movie.

The entertainment company reported earnings of $6.4 million US (5.7 million EU) and a revenue total of $86.1 million US (76.4 million EU), excluding box office return from Angry Birds. According to The Wall Street Journal, Rovio’s first theatrical feature was budgeted at $73 million and ranked in $346.9 million worldwide and $107.5 million in the US since its release in May.

Similarly, the game division posted strong results for the first half of 2016 with revenue growth at 24%.


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