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Animaniacs Joins The Hub’s Holiday Lineup with a 4-Hour Marathon

Animaniacs Joins The Hub’s Holiday Lineup with a 4-Hour Marathon

Fans of Animaniacs and The Hub will have a very wacky, eventful Christmas this year as the wacky trio joins The Hub’s line-up via a 4-hour marathon this Christmas Eve, starting at 4PM. You can watch the promo video below:

The Hub’s Animaniacs marathon starts at 4 PM with the Warner brothers Yakko and Wakko, along with their sister Dot wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. This will be followed at 8pm with the musical extravaganza titled “Animaniacs: Wakko’s Wish,” which finds Wakko Warner miraculously picking one star in the sky that can make his wish for happiness come true. The only problem is the stipulation that he has to travel to the spot where the star landed, and touch it.

Aside from Animaniacs’ return to TV, The Hub also has a pre-Christmas bonus via a new episode of Littlest Pet Shop on December 22nd, 11:30 am titled “Blythe’s Crush,” which has Blythe and Zoe trying to return a set of keys to Blythe’s new crush under the advice of Sunil. After fearing that Blythe and Zoe are lost, the remaining pets team up with a parrot claiming to be a legendary hero.

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