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Four New Anime Titles Added to Hulu

Four New Anime Titles Added to Hulu

If you’re one of the many anime fans who prefer to stream shows through Hulu instead of procuring episodes through less acceptable ways, then you be glad to know that Hulu has recently added four new titles to its service: Sentai Filmworks’ No. 6, Samurai Harem, Night Raid 1931, and Koihime Musou

No. 6

This anime is about a young man named Shion, who finds himself relegated to the status of a Pariah after helping a mysterious stranger. After being caught in a series of mysterious deaths, Shion gets arrested and is charged with murder.

Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou is about a girl named Aisha, who disguises herself as a man and travels the ruins of a great nation, living not as a woman should, but through the strength of her own sword and the steel of her own will.

Night Raid 1931

Night Raid 1931 follows the story of a large spy cell named the Sakurai organization. Set in 1931 Shanghai, Night Raid tells the story of an organization whose tale has been lost to history.

Samurai Harem

Samurai Harem is about a 17-year old Samurai named Yoichi Karasuma, who is sent down from the remote mountains he has lived in for so long in order to begin new training, but what he finds out is that the city life requires him to deal with more practical things, such as using modern appliances, wearing modern clothing, and learning how to avoid making girls want to kill you.

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