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Arc Productions, Tayrona Team Up for 4 New Animated Projects

Arc Productions, Tayrona Team Up for 4 New Animated Projects

Arc Productions and Tayrona Films Inc., which are both based in Toronto, Canada, have joined forces in order to produce four new animated films, as per a recent joint announcement by Tayrona Films Inc. president James Ordonez and Arc Productions president and COO Jeff Young.

In support of the partnership, Tayrona Films Inc. has started a subdivision called Tayrona Animation, which will finance and produce the four films with Arc Productions, which will also serve as producers and the animation studio for the feature films. According to the plan, Tayrona and Arc will contribute two films each.

The first film from the co-production deal is The Legends of the Underzoo, an Arc Productions property that is based on Kevin Almeida and Jeff Treppel’s screenplay. It follows a group of animal cubs who go out on an adventure to find a treasure buried in the mysterious Underzoo.

The second and third projects are both from Tayrona Animation, called Darwin: A Galapagos Story and Aurora The Spirit Bear Of The North, both written by best-selling author Erik Daniel Shein. The fourth film in the partnership deal is yet to be announced.

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