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Archie Comics to Host Mega Man: Rock of Ages Fanart Contest

Archie Comics to Host Mega Man: Rock of Ages Fanart Contest

Archie Comics, which publishes the hit comic book series based on the Mega Man franchise, will be hosting a big fanart contest titled “Rock of Ages” (heh.) as a way of joining in on the celebration of Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. It’s essentially just a fanart contest with one simple rule: create fanart that showcases Mega Man and/or his universe.


Winning first place entitles you to get your own full page display in the upcoming issue of Mega Man #23, along with the first four collected volumes of the series, issues 20-23, and the Mega Man Tribute artbook from UDON, as well as a Mega Man prize pack from Capcom-Unity. 3 runners up will be having their art displayed in Mega Man #23 and will win Mega Man issues 20-23 along with a copy of the Mega Man Tribute artbook.

If you are interested in joining, you can get more details at the official contest site:

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