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Atlantyca Secures New Deals for Geronimo Stilton

Atlantyca Entertainment has recently signed a raft of new broadcast deals for their hit animated series Geronimo Stilton and The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton, which should help bring the property to viewers all throughout Central Europe and the Baltics.

For the uninitiated, the Geronimo Stilton franchise focuses on the life and adventures of the famous titular mouse journalist, who is head of the Media Group that bears his name. The character scours New Mouse City for new scoops, which frequently lead to adventurous jaunts to exotic and mysterious places alongside his fearless nephew Benjamin, his funny cousin trap, and his daring special correspondent and sister Thea.

Minimax has renewed seasons 1 and 2 of Gerenimo Stilton: The Animated Series alongside its acquisition of the third season of The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton, with plans to debut the episodes in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia. Additionally, Atlantyca has secured a renewal deal for seasons 1 and 2 and The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton for Estonia’s public broadcaster, EER.

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