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Bagpuss Makes Its Way to iOS and Android

Coolabi has recently announced the launch of the first ever officially licensed Bagpuss game app for both iOS and Android devices. The app is developed by Daredevil Development, with help from animation company Smallfilms and licensing agent Coolai, in a deal brokered by digital agency Peahen Games.

The Bagpuss game app is designed for children aged 3 and up, featuring a mix of educational, creative, and action games that lets fans enjoy the adventures of the old cloth cat and his toyshop friends. The app is alread available on the Apple App store, Amazon Kindle Store, and Google Play store in English versions worldwide.

“Bagpuss was one of the high points of the very distinguished Smallfilms output and has remained one of the most fondly remembered of all Smallfilms shows. The gentle humour and charming animation of this classic show lend themselves perfectly to an app that provides a mixture of educational, creative and action games that children will adore,” says David Mowbray, Daredevil Development Principal.

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