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Baiken Returns to Guilty Gear in Xrd REV 2

While the Xrd iterations of Guilty Gear is easily most fans’ favorite – no doubt because of the unique 3D visuals that perfectly emulate cel-shaded 2D animation – character choice-wise XrD –Sign- was a bit underwhelming, with several fan favorites missing. Revelator made steps to alleviate this, with the return of Johnny, but the upcoming REV 2 will finally bring back our personal favorite: the one-armed (and now also one-eyed) female samurai, Baiken.

Additionally, REV 2 will also feature the addition of the “ninja businessman,” Answer. While playable for the first time on REV 2, Answer was already introduced in the prior games but only as a non-playable character in the story mode.

To see both Baiken and Answer in action, you can watch the Guilty Gear XrD REV 2 promo video below:

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