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Bbasha Mecard debuts in South Korea

The Turning Mecard franchise continues on with a new brand refresh. Choirock Contents Factory has launched Bbasha Mecard in South Korea. Teased last summer, the new 2D animated series is an ambitious reinterpretation of the property, with 78 x 22′ min. episodes planned. 

Bbasha Mecard had a special preview screening on March 18th, before its regular premiere on MBC on March 25th. The series also airs on a number of secondary channels, including Animax and Tooniverse.

Jason is an ordinary 5th grader who isn’t great at Mecardimal battles and has no special abilities. One day, he starts to tame Evan, a mystical Mecardimal. When all legendary Mecardimals are gathered, something special will happen …

Jason becomes friends with many tamers as he tames even more of these legendary beings. Then he hears news about Mecardimal Championship Competition to be held at his town!

The big innovation with the new toyline is that the Mecardimals split into two while transforming, giving players the effects token without having to take the entire toy back. The tokens themselves can be physically built on top of one another.

Originally debuting in South Korea in 2015, Turning Mecard quickly became one of the country’s biggest toy brands with kids enjoying the kinetic vehicle transformations. A co-production between Sono Kong, Choirock Contents Factory and Heewon Entertainment, the franchise was conceived in part by Bakugan alumni Atsushi Maekawa.

The original series ran for fifty-two episodes and has since inspired a fifty-two episode sequel season, a theatrical film, a side story mini-series (that later turned into a theatrical release), a reboot (plus a followup to it), and a spinoff (which inspired its own theatrical feature).

American toy manufacturer Mattel picked up the franchise in 2016 for an international launch and invested significantly in its Korean creators. The series premiered internationally in Australia and Canada in spring 2017, before hitting more markets throughout 2018. That included the United States, where the first half of the original series was made available streaming on YouTube and on TV through KidsClick.

Unfortunately, it seems the brand’s western expansion may have been short lived, as Mattel has been silent on the release of additional Mecard product. The company is currently engaged in a multi-national patent dispute with Spin Master over Mecard’s alleged similarities with Bakugan.

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