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Beeline Interactive Debuts Smurf Life

Beeline Interactive Debuts Smurf Life

Videogame developer/publisher Beeline Interactive is on a roll these days. They have recently developed a freemium smartphone game with Sony based on the Ghostbusters movie property, and now they’re at it again with a new freemium game based on another Sony-related movie. This time it’s for iOS devices, and is based on Smurfs.

Titled Smurf Life, the app serves as a follow up to the Smurfs’ Village. The new freemium game will follow the Smufs as they find their village in trouble, resulting from Gargamel casting a magical storm spell that creates chaos. The players are given a choice between playing a female or a male, whom they will take on an exploration of the village, overcoming obstacles and various challenges as they help the Smurfs break Gargamel’s spell and return things to normal. The app will be released for all types of iOS devices, such as the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. There’s no word on whether the app will be ported to Android.

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