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Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League Movie

Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League Movie

According to a recent Variety report, Warner Bros is set to meet with Ben Affleck (Goodwill Hunting, Daredevil) in order to discuss the possibility of having the actor/writer direct the studio’s planned Justice League movie.

According to the report, Affleck and the Warner Bros camp are scheduled to meet within the next few days in order to discuss the project, which is said to take its cue from Marvel’s The Avengers and will unite several of DC Comics’ A-listers (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern) under one comic book movie.

There was a previous live action Justice League movie but it was made for TV, and was universally panned due to its low quality (additionally, it didn’t feature DC’s A-list, and instead focused on the JL’s B-stringers, such as Guy Gardner, The Atom, Ice, Fire, and the Martian Manhunter)

There was also a prior attempt to make a modern Justice League movie, with George Miller on the director’s seat, but it ran afoul of budget issues and conflicts with the studio as Christopher Nolan wasn’t comfortable with the idea of there being another movie Batman that will compete with his The Dark Knight version.

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