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Bento Box Launches Interactive Unit

Bento Box Launches Interactive Unit

The Daily Variety has recently reported that Burbank-based animation studio Bento Box Entertainment has just launched Bento Box Interactive, a new venture that specializes in the creation and distribution of digitally enhanced eBooks and 3D applications.

Bento Box Entertainment has already secured an initial round of funding in the mid-seven figures from Colombia-based media company E-nnowa, and is looking to distribute initially in North and South America, with the goal of expanding worldwide. Bento Box Entertainment president Scott Greenberg will lead BBI with Janelle Pitchford, the division’s arm’s creative director. The first project released under the new banner is a Sweet Pickles e-book.

“As an animation production company, we want to enable the creative community to tell visually exciting interactive stories that engage audiences worldwide,” says Greenberg. “We see a significant opportunity to build brands through new devices and platforms.”

Some of Bento Box Entertainment’s clients include Comedy Central’s new series Brickleberry and Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. For more details, you can visit

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