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The Berenstein Bears Celebrate their 50th Anniversary

The Berenstein Bears Celebrate their 50th Anniversary

2012 marks a special milestone for The Berenstein Bears as it’s the year in which they finally reach their 50th anniversary. The characters originally appeared in Jan and Stan Berenstain’s illustrated children’s book titled The Big Honey Hunt in 1962. That’s half a century of providing fun, educational entertainment to kids, effectively outlving some of their readers.

To date, The Berenstein Bears has over 300 bestselling books under its belt, with a cartoon series that is part of the 80s western animation boom, produced by Hanna Barbera, and revived again in 2003 by Nelvana.

“Families have turned to the Berenstain Bears for over a half a century now to learn about and reinforce important life lessons and values, all conveyed in a comforting, fun and engaging way,” said Andrew Kerr, Head of Consumer Products for The Americas and Australasia, Nelvana Enterprises. “There is no family quite like the Bears, who have become a true American ‘institution’, and we are excited at all of the possibilities that this milestone anniversary presents.”

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