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Betty Boop to Return Via New Animated Series

Betty Boop, the buxom and iconic character created by legendary animator Max Fleischer returns will be returning with a new animated TV series. Betty Boop is being developed by Normaal Animation, which also produced the Peanuts television series.

Betty Boop is aimed at teens and tweens and recounts the everyday struggles, victories and joys of young Betty Boop, who has been dreaming of being on stage and be a superstar. The series release is planned to be on 2018 and will be produced by Normaal Studio, which is based in France, in partnership with Fleischer Studios and King Features.

According to Mark Fleischer, the President and the CEO of Los-Angeles based Fleischer Studios, they are pleased to partner with a ground-breaking production company such as Normaal Animation. It was Max Fleischer (Mark’s grandfather) created Betty Boop as a feisty, fashionable and fun female. The new TV series will introduce the iconic character to new generations.

Normaal International is going to manage the worldwide financing of the series as well as all future global distributions. The Betty Boop television series will mark the first time the character has starred on her own show in thirty years.


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