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Bitfilm Festival Launches in Bangalore

Bitfilm Festival Launches in Bangalore

This coming January 17, the opening festivities of the Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film will be kicking off in Bangalore, marking the start of global online voting for the Bitfilm Awards in 3D animation, 2D animation, hybrid digital, and Machinima films. The awards will be decided on by a worldwide online audience, and will be presented at the closing event in Hamburg, Germany in April.

This year’s Bitfilm Festival is special as it is the first time the new digital currency called Bitcoin will be used for the voting process as well as for the prize money. Each of the nominated films have a Bitcoin account, to which film fans may transfer money anonymously and without any transfer costs. The film with the highest number of donated Bitcoins and votes per category will be receiving the award. The donated money will be divided among the three best ranked films in said category.

“We are very fascinated by Bitcoin. It is a new kind of money, which has the potential to revolutionise the world as much as the Internet did” says Aaron Koenig. “Bitcoin is an open source currency that needs no central bank and knows no inflation. It is also a new worldwide payment system that makes money transfers around the globe cheap and fast.”

For more details, you can check out the site at

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