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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Adds Another RWBY Character to Roster

Arc System Works’ anime fighting franchise BlazBlue is already popular with the fighting game community so any new iteration of the franchise is already bound to be anticipated, but the upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle gets fans even more excited because it marks the franchise’s first foray into the inter-franchise crossover subgenre that is so popular with fighting games these days – it pits characters from BlazBlue against (or teams them up with) characters from the Persona franchise (which is a JRPG, but has since entered the fighting game genre via Persona 4 Arena.)

But ASW went one step further and added another franchise to the mix – Rooster Teeth’s groundbreaking CG anime, RWBY. While there are already two pre-announced characters from RWBY (including main protagonist Ruby Rose), a new trailer reveals that another RWBY character has been added to the mix, namely Blake Belladona, who will be one of the 20 planned DLC characters. You can check out the trailer below:

Aside from the reveal of Blake Belladona, a release date for the game has also been announced. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will be released for the PS4, Switch, and PC in Japan on May 31, followed by a North American release on June 5.

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