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Blazing Team Season 2 debuts this July on Discovery Family

Blazing Team is back for a second season on Discovery Family. The yo-yo action series originally premiered on the channel back in 2015 and is finally returning after a long hiatus. Blazing Team season 2 sees the gang take on more evil in 26 new episodes. Discovery Family will begin airing the series in two episode premieres every Saturday starting July 22, 2017 at 7a/6c.

Here’s a rundown of the first four episodes:

Darkness Descends – premieres Saturday, July 22 at 7a/6c
Led by Vikki, the Blazing Team fights a new enemy — a dark entity conjured by Yao Long. Meanwhile, the Order of Anarchy finally meets Yao Long and realizes they serve him now. Upon learning the team has defeated his Entity, Yao realizes they are tougher than he first thought, so he decides to raise the stakes for future battles.
The Order in Chaos – premieres Saturday, July 22 at 7:30a/6:30c
When the Order of Anarchy question his power, Yao Long gives them Dark Energy characteristics of their totems that also put them under his control. Facing these new hybrids, the Blazing Team are only able to get away with Vikki’s help, but it’s Parker’s ability to unlock a Yo Kwon Do connection to the element of fire that gives the team hope moving forward.
The Boy Who Cried Yo – premieres Saturday, July 29 at 7a/6c
Parker tells the team that Lao Shi spoke to him via his yo-yo, so he becomes obsessed with making contact again. Meanwhile, they have bigger problems in the form of a new Dark Entity conjured by Yao Long — a shapeshifter which causes more mayhem around Union City and eventually leads the team to turn on each other as it assumes their different physical appearances to confuse them all.
Three’s a Crowd – premieres Saturday, July 29 at 7:30a/6:30c
Parker accompanies Wilson on a camping trip, but instead of a relaxing weekend in nature, the boys find themselves facing a Chimera Entity summoned by Yao Long. With only each other and their survival skills to count on (and with a little help from Taco), the boys must save their fellow campers from falling under the Chimera’s Dark control and defeat the powerful three-headed entity.
Blazing Team is an adaptation of the hit Chinese yo-yo franchise, Blazing Teens, which has spawned multiple animated and live action TV series. Franchise creators Alpha Animation and Auldey Toys partnered with Hasbro and its Hasbro Studios division to co-produce the new series. With Blazing Team season 2, the show has now grown to 52-episodes. Hasbro began distributing toys based on the series in early 2016.
The western show also aired in Australia on Eleven’s Toasted TV, Canada on Teletoon/Cartoon Network, France’s Gulli. No news yet on when international audiences should expect to see Blazing Team season 2.

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