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Bleach Chapter 562 Recap and Spoilers: The Villain II


This week’s chapter of Bleach delivered on the previous chapter’s implied promise of a new improved – and properly badass – Renji Abarai. It starts with Rukia appearing as well, only for Renji to request the she focus on brining the wounded Rose and Kensei to safety, as he claims to be enough to beat Mask de Masculine.

There’s a little bit of banter between the two, a one side-one at that because Mask crushed his eardrums in the previous chapter (in order to render Rose’s music-oriented bankai useless), but he busts out another ace from his sleeve: his assistant/fan, James, is still alive even after being bisected by Rose.

With James’ cheering, Mask de Masculine is able not only to regenerate his eardrums, but also to increase his strength tenfold. He continues to accuse Renji of being a villain, which the shinigami plays along with.

With his strength now multiplied by 10, Mask charges Renji, only to be dodged and hit by an elbow. Mask then proceeds to hit Renji with everything he’s got – both speed and power, delivering successive punches (the same punch that broke Kensei, but x 10!)

The first punch was intercepted by Renji with one hand, but he wasn’t there to receive the remaining punches. It turns out that while Mask was too busy delivery a flurry of destructive punches, Renji got busy cutting James into multiple pieces, ensuring that the little sternritter is no longer there to provide support to Mask.

The chapter ends with Renji delivering a decisive slash to Mask. To find out whether it’s the end of the masked sternritter or he still has another ace up his sleeve, you’ll have to wait until the next chapter.

One key takeaway from this chapter is that Kubo no longer cares about the Vizards. Technically, they’re supposed to be Captain-class shinigamis with an extra boost in power due to their masks, and they’re specially deadly to Sternritters due to their Hollow side, but they’ve been jobbers ever the Sternritters appeared. So far none of them has even manifested their Hollow masks.

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