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BLING Review and T-Shirt Giveaway!

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Everybody loves receiving free stuff, particularly ones that are fun and entertaining, like a family movie. If you’re here for a free movie, you’re in luck because the CG animated superhero adventure BLING has been made available FOR FREE on Google Play from March 3rd all the way to April 10, 2016. So if you want a free CG animated superhero film to watch, get your tablet or any mobile device and start streaming. Do it fast, because after April 10, 2016, the movie is no longer free. If you still want to watch it, you have to pay like the rest of the really uncool dudes who didn’t want free stuff.

If you still need convincing why you need to watch Bling, read on.

First things first, just because it’s being made available for free doesn’t mean BLING is your low rent, below average CG animated effort. This is a full length high profile production with an impressive voice cast that includes the likes of Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, X-Men: Origins), Carla Gugino (The Brink, Spy Kids) and James Woods (Justice League Action, Hercules) the film is distributed by Momentum Pictures and the animation is handled by DigiArt in association with Digital Idea and Celsius Entertainment.

As for the story, it focuses on a lowly theme park mechanic named Sam, whose plan to marry the girl of his dreams is dashed to pieces by the arrival of a super villain. In order to regain his ring, save the city, and win the girl, the lowly theme park mechanic must assemble a team of superhero robots.

Visually, BLING is a massive step up from what you’d normally see on TV specials and indie productions. You can tell that the animation had a decent budget and the studio didn’t skimp on anything. The characters manage to convey emotions and movement is not stiff. The art style is also arresting, through its liberal use of bright colors, exaggeratedly large and expressive eyes, and a unique host of characters that range from robots, to pint-sized megalomaniac businessmen, and even a talking bipedal frog. The amount of work that went into BLING kind of makes you wonder why they are offering it for free, as it’s something that people would most likely pay money to watch. Not that we’re complaining, we love free stuff. And you do too.

Content-wise, BLING is unabashedly kid-oriented and family friendly, so if you’re looking for mature topics and edgy characterization, you’d best look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for good clean fun and an important lesson about loyalty, Bling is the film to watch. Of course, it’s also a very funny movie so if you just want to kick back and be entertained, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, review or not, the fact that the movie is free on Google Play means that you don’t have to take our word for it. You can watch the film yourself and see if you like it. If you like it, good on ya. But if you want more free stuff, then how about a free BLING T-Shirt?

Toonbarn is giving away 1 free Bling Tee to a lucky reader. All you need to do to get a chance to win it is the following:

1) Have a account (free to sign up! JOIN NOW)
2) In the comments below, answer the following question: in BLING, what is the protagonist SAM’s job?
3) “Like” our ToonBarn Facebook page

One [1] winner will be selected out of the correct answers and will be contacted through e-mail for instructions on how to claim the prize.

Please keep in mind that you need to use a valid email address upon registration. Toonbarn will NEVER use the e-mail address for anything (we don’t even have a newsletter!), but yes, you do need to have a working email if you want to win (otherwise, how are we going to contact you?)


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  1. Brenda G. Brenda G.

    Sam is a theme park mechanic.

  2. plsmile plsmile

    Sam is a theme park mechanic

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