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Bobby’s World to stream on Amazon Instant Video

bobby's-world’s CreateSpace on-demand publishing service and Moonscoop have recently entered a partnership deal that will make all 81 episodes of the animated series Bobby’s World available on DVD or on Amazon Instant Video’s steaming service.

Created by Howie Mandel (and using his voice), Bobby’s world focuses on the daily life of Bobby Generic and his overactive imagination, resulting in a very different perspective on the outside world. The episodes usually consist of a short live action segment before and after the animated main story. The live action segments have Mandel describe the story and how it relates back to his personal childhood. During the segments, the animated Bobby would sometimes appear and exchange words (most of the time, argue) with Mandel.

Bobby’s World will be available as individual season sets and as an 18 disc collection of the entire series starting on March 16, with its premiere on DVD and Amazon Instant Video. Bobby’s World originally aired on FOX Kids Network from 1990-98, and was syndicated in as many as 60 countries worldwide. It can also be seen on Moonscoop’s Kabillion multiplatform channel.

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