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Bowser and Bowser Jr. Make Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Presentation Adorable

While an important subject, Parental Controls on video game consoles are somewhat boring especially if presented by a voice that sounds halfway between pre-flight safety demonstration and Siri. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch Presentation on the subject makes everything interesting, cute, and downright worth watching simply by using the father-and-son evil duo of Bowser and Bowser Jr. in order to demonstrate the details of the console’s parental controls capability. You can watch the video after the cut:

As for discussions whether the Parental Controls that the Switch has is overkill or not, we’ll leave that up to the experts, or to Toonbarn’s readers (many of which are experts on all sorts of things.) Sound off on the comments below.

Cecilia Cordero

A stay-at-home mom who writes enjoys pop culture in all of its forms. You can find more of her stuff at Super Hero Stuff I Want
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