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Bruno Bozetto’s Rapsodeus


Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto (Allegro non Troppo, Grasshoppers) will be back in the spotlights this year with a new animated short titled “Rapsodeus”, and a new line of merchandise based on his most popular characters.

Rapsodeus has already debuted at several festivals including Annecy and Hiroshima, and can be viewed via Bozzetto’s official Youtube Channel at

Rapsodeus uses a hybrid of 3D CG and 2D animation, with the short set to the background music of Franz Liszt’s second Hungarian Rhapsody. Produced by Alienatio Studio under Bozzetto’s direction, the short is regarded by many critics as a virtual sequel to Allegro non Troppo (1976), with the film pointing the finger at mankind’s senseless spread of war, destruction, and misery throughout the centuries.

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