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Bucky Barnes Will Return for Captain America 3

After a strong performance at the box office with Captian America: The Winter Soldier, the team of Joe and Anthony Russo are back and currently hard at work on the development of the third installment in the franchise, Captain America 3. One of the latest information about the threequel is the confirmation that Bucky Barnes will be returning, although that seems hardly a surprise to people who watched The Winter Soldier.

Additionally, the Russos also revealed that the new film will be set a couple of years after The Winter Soldier and will focus more on the dynamic between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes while continuing the overarching themes of politics and power.

“The character was invented for an explicitly political purpose,” says Anthony, “so it’s hard to get away from that nature.”

The duo also assured fans that Captain America will not become increasingly jaded, unlike other heroes from his time:

“His morality is part of his superpower,” concludes Joe.



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