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Bushiroad launches Future Card Buddyfight Ace

Japanese trading card game manufacturer/wrestling promoter Bushiroad has launched Future Card Buddyfight Ace. The new anime series, produced by OLM and Xebec, launched on TV Aichi and TV Tokyo in Japan on June 2nd. A subtitled version is streamed internationally on YouTube and Crunchyroll. The English dubbed version, produced in partnership with Ocean Productions and their Calgary, Alberta-based Blue Water Studios, debuted on YouTube last Friday. New episodes are added weekly.

The series follows Yuga Mikado, the son of the original series protagonist Gao. He’s an internet video star known for extreme talent in games, giving him the nickname of “Ace of Games.” Shockingly, Yuga had never taken up his father’s interest in the incredibly popular Buddyfight card game … until a lucky encounter with Gargantua Dragon.

Bushiroad plans to support the show with a host of new TCG products. The first wave of Ace-themed cards come later this month, as Yuga’s Dradeity, Subaru’s Triangulum Galaxy and Misato’s┬áSpiral Linkdragon Order starter decks launch July 27th. The first booster set of the series, Gargantua Awakened, is set for release on August 31st. A manga authored by Mitsuhisa Tamura is serialized in Coro Coro Comic.

Future Card Buddyfight launched in January 2014. The franchise has always been supported with a weekly TV anime, with the English language version initially debuting the same day as Japanese broadcast. The dub was eventually put on hiatus but resumed production last year. Prior to Ace, the most recent entry in the series was Future Card Buddyfight X All-Star Fight. The series has aired on television, with an ongoing broadcast by OKTO in Singapore. Buddyfight shows have previously been seen on Nickelodeon Asia and Canada’s Teletoon.

Bushiroad’s other TCG mainstay, Cardfight!! Vanguard, recently received a relaunch of its own.


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