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CAKE Partners with Pukeko for the WotWots Spin-off, Kiddets

CAKE has recently announced a partnership with Pukeko Pictures in order to launch a new The WotWots spin-off series, titled Kiddets. This new series will expand the WotWots franchise with over 52 brand new adventures and five new WotWot characters, who are space cadets in training at the play school space academy on planet WotWot.

While the series will appeal to fans of the original series, the Kiddets is designed to appeal to a broader audience, which includes preschool children that will benefit greatly from the positive lessons each 11 minute episode contains.

Udner their partnership, CAKE will get the worldwide distribution rights excluding Australia, New Zealand, and Greater China. CAKE will also get the North American and European rights for series 2 of The WotWots, which is already enjoying massive success worldwide in terms of broadast and licensing.

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