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Camp Camp Pitches Tent for Season 2 Trailer

Rooster Teeth has just unveiled a new trailer for the 2nd season of their hit animated digital series, Camp Camp. The new season’s launch will coincide with Rooster Teeth’s “Summer of Animation” event, which consists of four whole months of new episodes and premiers from their rich library of animated content. That means fans will get fresh new episodes from popular RT shows such as REWBY, Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, Red vs Blue, and RWBY Chibi.

For the uninitiated, Camp Camp is a show that focuses on the titular jaded 10 year old kid, who finds himself stuck in one of the most dysfunctional summer camps in the history of man. Before Max can make a break for home, he first needs to surmount a number of dangerous challenges such as lava pits, abandoned mine shafts, and the annoyingly cheerful camp counselor, David.

Camp Camp’s second season will premire on June 9 via Rooster Teeth’s streaming service “FIRST,” which is available on their official website, as well as on the Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS, and Android platforms.

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Camp Camp Pitches Tent for Season 2 Trailer

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