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Capcom Confirms PC Port of Ducktales Remastered


Us PC gamers get the really short end of the stick these days. Sure, we have exclusives because there are some genres of games that are better suited to the PC’s unique control scheme, but overall, major devs are focusing more on consoles. If we ever get a port of their flagship games, it’s either poorly done (30 fps cap, lack of configuration options) or DRMed up the wazoo.

Capcom, at least, is one of the companies that have never forgotten the PC. Sure, a lot of their games lately were panned by critics and fans alike, but as far as ports are concerned, they never leave out the PC-only gamers. Case in point: they have recently announced that DuckTales Remastered (which was developed with Wayforward) will be making its way to PC as well.

Ducktales is a Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 game (also, PC! yay!) that takes the classic DuckTales game from the NES and enhances it with HD graphics and a better soundtrack. What’s more, the voices will be done by the original voice actors from the 80s show. Coupled with the original theme song (Duck-tales! Woo-hoo-hoo!) and we’re talking about a real trip down memory lane.

IGN has a side-by-side comparison video of Ducktales Remastered and the original:

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  1. Hey.

    Oh my goodness. I remember playing this game on the NES. Not too shabby of a game. (:

    You can definitely see how they’ve smoothed out many of the game design’s rough edges from the original NES version.

    In the video, from at 2:56, notice how whoever playing this got hit, then used the grace time to go through the spider, then kill it AFTER they’ve passed it! Heh! Noob.

    Since we’re on the subject.
    “Us PC gamers get the really short end of the stick these days.”

    Heh! I’d like to add that us SINGLE-PLAYER games get the really, _really_ short end OF the short end of the stick (not a typo).

    – Ziro out.

    • Single player PC games are now called apps on touch-screen devices, which many of our favorites have been ported to, which you still have to buy separately. A new era of gaming has begun where your hard drive doesn’t spin a disk, and you are constantly connected over the cloud. PC gaming has become nostalgic. Like it or hate it, it was a wonderful age of technology that will be missed.

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