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Belgium gets free Care Bears plushies courtesy of Unilever

Care Bears Plush Toy

Care Bears is one of the most memorable non-violent cartoons from the 80s, kids loved it because it has cute anthromorphic bears fighting evil, and parents loved it for their kids because said bears fought evil using nothing but hugs and the power of love. Now, kids will get a chance to have their own Care Bears plush toys due to a free plush toy promotion from American Greetings Properties and Unilever.

The promotion was the result of a partnership between AGP and current licensing agent CPLG Benelux, with licensee Beetosee. The promotion allows Unilever customers (in select branches throughout Belgium) to get one of two free Care Bear plushies (a choice between Funshine Bear or Cheer Bear), for purchasing any ten Unilever products, be it food, personal care, or household products.

Customers also have the option to donate the free plush toy to charity, including Moeders voor Moeders for Flanders and Rode Kruis/Red Cross.

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