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Cartoon Network Releases iOS App

Cartoon Network Releases iOS App

Cartoon Network has just released a new iOS app that will allow viewers to watch episodes of their favorite CN shows as well as play games based on CN franchises. Dubbed CN 2.0, the “game” and “watch” app is now available on the apple app store, and can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The CN 2.0 includes all the features and content from Cartoon Network’s original app, along with a few exclusive games and collectibles.

CN 2.0 is free to download, and one of the key improvements over the old app is that the iPad version now allows you to play games and watch videos simultaneously, and switching between the two is as easy as rotating the device. The iPhone and iPod touch versions include the same content as the iPad version, but there is no support for watching and playing at the same time.

CN 2.0 will provide the chance to watch Cartoon Network’s hit shows on the go, including Ben 10: Omniverse, Adventure Time, and Regular Show. Users will also get a chance to play new and exciting games that are exclusive to CN 2.0, such as Adventure Time’s Adventure Masters and Ben 10’s Null Void: Escape Velocity. The games and the shows will be fully integrated using the DNA Lab, which means users can build virtual collector cards from resources that they earn through watching episodes and playing games in the app.

“In continuing our efforts to make sure our viewers are enjoying Cartoon Network content, whenever and wherever, it is always our goal to make their experience unique and exciting,” said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer for Turner’s Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media division. “CN 2.0 is an innovative and fun new enhancement to the Cartoon Network app that is like no other in the marketplace.”

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