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New Cartoon Pitch: Sink or Swim

New Cartoon Pitch: Sink or Swim

While its hard to come across cartoons that we can truly fall in love with, when that cartoon comes to you, it can be inspiring and entertaining all in one moment. As a idea man, I’ve become obsessed with creating cartoons people can enjoy and relate to. That’s how I cam across a great idea, I’ll make new ideas to pitch and you, as the reader, get the exciting job of deciding if the idea sinks or swims. Please leave any ideas, suggestions, criticism, or an ever rare compliment in the comments box. My life is pretty lame so rest assured you will most likely get a reply or at least be acknowledged by the one and only me!

So, without further ado, I offer the nerdy world of cartoon lovers my first submission: DJ FAT KID. A plot revolving a boy and his two friends that pass time by rapping each other and getting into random adventures, emphasis on RANDOM.

Disclaimer: All work made is sole property of the creator and can not be used without proper consent from the author.

Metronomical Magic
(camera shows Rodney’s room, its very dirty with clothes strewn everywhere. He is sleeping in his bed when his alarm clock goes off.)
(Rodney rolls over and smacks the alarm clock)
(Rodney lies in bed, staring at the camera blinking. His eyes are green and crusty. His mother yells, not in frame.)
RODNEY’S MOM: Sweetums, Huxley is here! Would you like pancakes or waffles for breakfast?
(Rodney springs up out of bed in footy dinosaur pajamas, yells with a disgruntled look)
RODNEY: MOM! Don’t call me that! Your gunna ruin my street credentials!
(The words “street credentials” fill the screen behind Rodney, his eyes sparkle.)
RODNEY: And you know I’m bout that waffle game!
(Rodney walks into his bathroom and walks out one second later, hair braided and draped in jewelry. He walks downstairs where Huxley and Rodney’s Mom are in kitchen, Huxley sitting at table and Rodney’s Mom is cooking in the kitchen. Rodney walks to the table and sits across from Huxley.)
HUXLEY: Hows it chillin homey?
RODNEY: Like somethin thats been on ice a long period of time. You stayin hot?
HUXLEY: Oh you know me im hot like most citizens of the Pheonix area in the summer time. Feel me?
RODNEY: yeah man plus global warming and business.
(Rodney’s Mom interjects, with two plates of waffles.)
RODNEY’S MOM: Here you go cuties, waffles up!
(Huxley is just about to dig in when Rodney stops him.)
RODNEY: Mom, you know when I’m about eating those waffles they gotta be star shaped. And this ain’t no star. This here is what educated people call a circle.
(Rodney outlines the shape of a circle with his two pointer fingers)
RODNEY’S MOM: Oh no hunny I always make sure I cook a protective waffle shell just in case.
(Rodney’s eyes sparkle once he cuts open the shell and sees the star. Huxley has scarfed his waffle. Rodney looks at Huxley in shock, high fives him and does the same.)
RODNEY’S MOM: Boys, theres one waffle left. Who wants it?
HUXLEY: Shouldn’t you have it, Rodneys Mom?
(Rodney’s Mom looks at Huxley in an eerily happy tone)
RODNEY’S MOM: Oh no Huxley, mothers don’t eat.
(Huxley shrinks into himself, Rodney is oblivious to his creepy mother, looks at Huxley.)
RODNEY: rap ya for it.
(Huxley instantly snaps out of being scared and gets in a rapping position)
HUXLEY: Huxley, hungry, waffles in my tummy, I need one more or my day will be crumby. Woo good luck son top that!
(Rodney nods in respect and get in his own rapping pose.)
RODNEY: Huxleys a dummy, that waffle looks yummy, win this rap battle and make this waffle my honey!
(Rodney pulls a rose out of his pocket and puts it on the table next to the waffle)
(The waffle hops off the center plate on to Rodney’s plate. The two friends look at each other and speak simultaneously)
HUXLEY: You win.
RODNEY: I win.
(Camera cuts to Rodney’s Mom, her back to the camera as she does dishes. Through a window a bus pulls up)
RODNEY’S MOM: Boys, the bus is here.
(Camera cuts to Rodney’s Face)
RODNEY: We out?
(Camera cuts to Huxley’s face)
HUXLEY: We out.
(Camera cuts to Rodney’s mom)
RODNEY’S MOM: You’re out?
(The frame expands to the front door, Rodney’s dad enters house in baseball umpire uniform)
(Rodney and Huxley begin to leave the house, as they pass Rodney’s Dad Rodney acknowledges him, stopping and turning to him)
RODNEY: Hey Pop Pop, you out doin’ late night umping again?
RODNEY’S DAD: Yep, the retirement home had a softball party.
(Rodney looks at Huxley)
RODNEY: Dang, night owls smackin night fouls.
(Huxley chuckles, Rodney looks back to his dad)
RODNEY: Well pops, we out.
RODNEY’S DAD: Wait, wait. Eskimo Knuckles?
(Rodney’s face turns red)
RODNEY: Right now?
RODNEY’S DAD: Well before you’re “out” cool dude!
(Rodney sighs and rubs knuckles with his father slowly; his father smiles in delight; Huxley has to show significant effort to hold back laughter)
RODNEY: All righty then…
(Everyone stands in the room, looking at the floor)
(Rodney looks at Huxley)
RODNEY: Well Hux let’s go outside and dry off from this pool of akward we’ve been swimmin in.
(The boys pass Rodney’s Dad and pass the front door, camera flips to outside of the house. The two boys walk down the steps and get on the bus, passing several odd looking kids. The boys pick two open seats near the back and sit across from each other, taking several seconds to get comfy.)
(Huxley looks at Rodney)
HUXLEY: These seats stink.
RODNEY: Like rice and strawberries thats been mixed up for too long right? Did you bring your nose plugs?
HUXLEY: Of course! My bro got me gold ones for Christmas!
RODNEY: Your bro is so cool! He’s like macaroni and cheese pizza! Too much cool for one thing!
(The two lose focus for a second as they smile and look admirably at the ceiling)
(They both come to their senses and reach into their backpacks and pull out their nose plugs, Huxley’s are extremely shiny and Rodney’s have earphones which he puts into his ears.)
HUXLEY: Awe you got the NOSEJAMMER 2000 with the mp3s?
RODNEY: You know it. 500 of my favorite beats, jammin from my ears to my feets, nose plugged, feelin pretty sweet.
(Rodney is interrupted by Jeffery who jumps up from the seat behind him,)
JEFFERY: Hey, Rodney, Me boy, whatta you and ya boy got in your booger traps?
RODNEY: Hey Jeffery, we just got these nosepluggers, can’t you smell that stanky stank?
JEFFERY: No no smellin here, but I can’t smell anything, I got too much nose hair.
(The camera zooms up on Jeffery’s nose, a novelty amount of nose hair exposed.)
HUXLEY: Dude why would you point that out?
JEFFERY: I’m proud of my nose hair friend, you’re lookin right at the three time national nose hair growing champion.
(Jeffery pulls three gold medals out of his hair to show before replacing them in his hair.)
JEFFERY: Rodney, are you gunna challenge for the fourth-grade rap crown? Metronome Mike is tough, and it’s only the first day of school brother, you should prepare yourself for a couple weeks.
RODNEY: Jeffery, how long you been knowing me now?
JEFFERY: Since the second grade of course.
(Jeffery’s face expresses sadness)
RODNEY: Then for three years, you should know I haven’t ever prepared for nothing my whole life. But, no matter what, I’M GOING TO TAKE THAT FOOL DOWN!
JEFFERY: Seen, seen, well I hope you picked up some summer skills, cuz he’s in the back of the bus now.
(The camera pans to Rodney’s face, clearly anxiety riddles his face.)
(Camera pans to Jefferies’ face, nose hairs still somewhat evident)
JEFFERY: Right now.
(Camera pans to Rodney’s face, he begins to sweat.)
RODNEY: Right now?
(Camera pans in to close up of Jeffery)
JEFFERY: This very moment Manny. Go take him down, I got you on the beat.
(The two bump fists then all three kids start walking towards the back of the bus where Metro Mike is sitting in the very back seat, a bench seat.)
(The three boys approach Metronome Mike, Rodney leading the pack)
(Mike removes his monsterous headphones, acknowledging the three kids in front of him.
RODNEY: If it isn’t mister I should learn how to use a metronome Mike. I want your crown.
MIKE: Good luck DJ Fat Feet, everyone knows you passed your prime in the third grade. Please, take a seat and prepare to lose.
(Mike scoots to the left side of the seat, Huxley and Jeffery jump to the far right of the seat as Rodney sits across from Mike)
MIKE: I’ll go first.
RODNEY: hold on, take this.
(Rodney removes a tablet from his pocket and extends his hand to Mike)
MIKE: A mint?
RODNEY: Yeah, your breath smells like straight horse dog. Just lookin out. Let’s do this rap battle.
(Mike throws his mint at Rodney, the phrase round one drops over the screen in front of the two competitors in a Street Fighter fashion)
(Jeffery starts making beats with his mouth, and Mike starts rapping.)
MIKE: I don’t need a mint, cuz I smell nice, your hair looks like a playground for lice, girls wanna date cuz I paint pretty nice, I’m the big cheese you’re all little mice.
HUXLEY: Wooahhh!
(Rodney and Jeffery look back at Huxley, disapproving. He shrinks into himself.)
RODNEY: I’m DF Fats, and I got a lot to say, DJ Fat Kid, Fat Kid don’t play. Cool gym clothes, very tight braids, now give me my crown and I’ll be on my way.
(Mike breaks out in a sweat, Jeffery starts rubbing Rodney’s shoulders.)
JEFFERY: You got him champ, he’s on the ropes!
(Jeffery leans close to Rodney and whispers in his ear.)
JEFFERY:Steal his rhyme and finish him! Your gunna be the talk of the whole school if you can just win!
(Mike regains his wits and wipes the sweat off his head with his shoulder.)
(Round Two comes across screen and narrator reads the phrase)
MIKE: Hey DJ Chubby, I’m still the king, I’m a genius and you’re a ding-a-ling,
(Rodney interrupts Mike mid-sentence)
RODNEY:Ding-a-ling? that kinda stings, but my feelings won’t matter once I’m a rap king,
I’ll jack your crown, yeah I want that thing, put it on my head call me the blingy bling king!
(Rodney’s friends erupt in excitement, Mike collapses back in the seat and passes out. Rodney takes his crown and places it on his head. Angelic voices que in the background as Rodney places the crown on his head.)
HUXLEY: You did it man!
JEFFERY: That was wicked friend! You really are a king, just like Louis the 14th!
RODNEY: Hey homeys, it’s all good like gravy but nothings gunna change! we’re still just the three homies spittin rhymes and killing times. With fun.
(The bus hurdles to a stop, one child smashes into the back window)
(The bus reaches the school and the three boys acknowledge where they are.)
HUXLEY: After your your highness.
(Huxley bows and lets Rodney lead the way)
(The boys walk off the bus and outside, a huge line of people is lined up to the bus. Rodney is thrown back, equipped with a puzzled face. He starts a conversation with the first child in the line.)
RODNEY: Hey man, is this the line to get in the school, cuz I don’t wanna wait to go somewhere I don’t wanna be, feel me?
KID: I’m not touching you with my hands so I’m not feeling you.
(the boy pauses an akwardly long time)
KID: Supposedly there’s a new fourth-grade rap king. This is the line to challenge him. Have you ever performed spoken word poetry?
(Rodney looks at the camera, shocked)


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