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CBeebies Brings Go Jetters to China

BBC Worldwide has recently signed an agreement with Chinese broadcaster CCTV in order to air the adventure series Go Jetters to Chinese screens. Under the agreement, the 50 episode series will be debuting on the kids’ channel CCTV-14 at the end of May, in a Mandarin-dubbed format with simplified Chinese subtitles. The deal is beneficial to CBeebies, as CCTV currently has the world’s largest audience, catering to over 1.1 billion, which is 90% of China’s population.

Go Jetters is a CG animated preschool series that focuses on the adventures of four plucky heroes named Xuli, Kyan, Lars, and Foz, who travel the world alongside their mentor, teacher, and funky disco-dancing unicorn friend Ubercorn. The series is targeted towards kids aged 4 to 6, and features cool gadgets and music that helps children get acquainted with geography and culture.

“We are excited that preschoolers in China will have access to Go Jetters, which has been very well-received and popular with preschoolers internationally.” said Kelvin Yau, General Manager, Greater China, BBCW. “It testifies to the quality of CBeebies programs to be both educational and entertaining, and a reflection of the trust Chinese audience has in our safe content.”

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