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Check out the first footage from J-Team: All New Jackie Chan Adventures

A while back we gave you the story on a brand new animated series starring Hong Kong action movie superstar Jackie Chan. Now we’ve got some of the first footage for J-Team: All New Jackie Chan Adventures.

The 104-episode Chinese CG animated series set to debut later this year. The show is being produced for $6 million with a theatrical film in development for release in 2019. The production companies attached are Zhejiang Talent Television & Film Co.m Khorgas JJ Culture Media Co., and VJ Animation Studio. International agreements are already in place with Mondo TV, Bomambridge, Rainbow, Shemaroo and MBC Group.

The show is aimed at children 3-10 years old and is meant to both entertain and teach valuable lessons. Speaking to the press at the event announcing the show, Chan said, “It’s meant to help young children to do things they don’t always like to do — like, don’t look at your phone for too long, remember to brush your teeth, respect your elders, pick up the trash. If you just tell them that, sometimes children won’t listen, but through comedy and action, then they will start to follow.” You can see the entire Chinese press conference here.

Despite the similar names, J-Team: All New Jackie Chan Adventures seems to have little in common with the 2000-2005 American Jackie Chan Adventures animated series by Sony Pictures Television. Chan previously collaborated with Nanjing Hongying Animation Entertainment to create the mythical team series Jackie Chan’s Fantasia in 2009.

Reaction on Youtube has been far from kind, with many commenting that the show shouldn’t use the Jackie Chan Adventures title if it wasn’t going to be directly related to the original series. What do you think? Do you think it’s misleading to try to cash-in on the first show’s popularity with something seemingly unrelated? Or do you think there isn’t one specific Jackie Chan Adventure and that it’s fine? Leave a comment down below!

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