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Chomp Squad heads to Canadian TV

Hasbro’s dino-rrific animated web-series Chomp Squad is headed to Canadian television screens! Corus Entertainment’s preschool oriented Treehouse channel will air the series beginning Saturday, April 7th. Three shorts will air every Saturday and Sunday at 6:55 AM. The channel will also air one short on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:30 PM.

Welcome to the world of Chomp Squad, where dinosaurs never went extinct! Despite their considerable size difference, these dinos fit right in, happily working alongside humans in a mystical urban jungle called Chomp City. Most of the time things run smoothly here, but when there’s an emergency, nothing can match the power, brains, or bravery of the Chomp Squad: a heroic team of dinosaurs and humans who handle the fire, police, medical and emergency needs of Chomp City. Utilizing special skills, tricked-out gear, and—most importantly—true teamwork, this elite squad of heroes will chomp, stomp, and save the day.

Chomp Squad is produced by Hasbro Studios and brought to life by Huminah Huminah Animation, a Canadian studio with offices in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Hamilton, Ontario. The first season of the show is set to run for 25 episodes, each with an average run time of 5 minutes.

Hasbro launched the series on YouTube earlier this year.

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