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City of Friends Make it Big in the UK

City of Friends Make it Big in the UK

Creacon Group’s popular CG preschool series City of Friends seems to have gained a lot of popularity with UK audiences since its debut last October 2011 on Channel 5’s Milkshake. The show boasts of more than 1.3 million viewers and is currently ranked 5th of the most popular VOD shows on Channel 5. Said rankings show a viewership increase of almost 40% since its launch in the UK.

City of Friends is based on stories that CreaCon CEO Carl Christian Hamre wrote for his young son, about his real life adventures in Norway as a state police officer. Hamre used the stories when he went on to found CreaCon group, which eventually became Norway’s largest children’s entertainment production company, spanning TV production, live events, licensing, music, publishing, and digital operations.

“City of Friends continues its incredible trajectory of growth in both the UK and in other international markets. We are delighted that our audience in the UK has responded so positively to the show and we are looking forward to launching our UK licensing programme in 2012 to support the show’s popularity,” says Carl Christian Hamre.

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