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Classic Media Celebrates Where’s Waldo’s 25th Anniversary

Classic Media Celebrates Where’s Waldo’s 25th Anniversary

Classic Media, which is the current owner of the rights to the Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally in some regions) property, is going to celebrate the long-running franchise’s 25th Anniversary with 25 Ways to Show Your Stripes, which is an event that includes products and partnerships across fashion, travel, media, and sports categories.

Some of the Where’s Waldo partnerships and projects include Waldo eyeglasses from Warby Parker, a real world event in which kids can search for Waldo throughout London’s Wembley Stadium during the October school holiday, and the Where’s Waldo? On The Beach scene will be featured on David Ragan’s No. 34 Car at the NASCAR Sprint Series on October 28; Additionally, limited edition die-cast Waldo cars from Lionel NASCAR Collectables will also be launched.

There’s also a whole slew of new Where’s Waldo search-and-find apps to be released on the iOS platform via Ludia, with the first two games titled The Fantastic Journey and In Hollywood.

For more details on the various events, and for the opportunity to create and share a Waldo avatar, you can visit the official site at

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