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CLIP: Sony Pictures Animation’s PUPPY!

Sony Pictures Animation has just released a teaser clip for their upcoming CG short, PUPPY!, which is slated to screen in theaters ahead of the EMOJI Movie starting on riday, July 28th. PUPPY! is notable for being directed by Hotel Transylvania’s Genndy Tartakovsky.

The PUPPY! Short features the residents of Hotel Transylvania finding their world thrown into chaos when youngster Dennis gets a surprise pet in the form of a monstrous, giant puppy. The clip shows one of the key problems of having such a large, and colossally strong pet—walls that are normally meant to keep things and pets away are easily broken down, and of course one has to wonder how much those will be worth in terms of repair costs. This is not something that’s easily ignored in Hotel Transylvania, as the premises are meant for business and to protect certain denizens from the harmful rays of the sun:

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